Exciting martial arts tournaments across Canada and U.S.A are posted on a regular basis on the NMAC Web site. Please check out the Event Calendar page for further information regarding event's venues, dates, contacts, and more.

ELITE Events When Where
Toronto Tournament of Martial Arts Champions 2015-11-27 Toronto
AKA Warrior Cup 2016-01 Chicago
Ontario Provincials 2016-02 Burlington
NMAC Awards & Open Tournament 2016-02-13 Mississauga
Canadian Open 2016-03-19 Ottawa
Quebec City Open 2016-04-29 Quebec City
Southern Ontario Open Martial Arts Championships 2016-05 Windsor
GMA Championships 2016-05 Kitchener
U.S. Open 2016-07 Orlando
Battle Zone 2016-07-23 Ottawa
Ontario Grand Nationals 2016-09 London
Diamond Nationals 2016-10 Bloomington
Samurai Classic Ontario Open Martial Arts Championships 2016-10 Mississauga
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Name Sensei Style
North Toronto Karate School M.Palitti Karate
Arashi-Do Martial Arts Bonde&Vig Karate
Doyle's Martial Arts Club G.Doyle Kungfu
Bernardo Karate M.Bernardo Karate
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